Malpractice Law Group

Boyle, Shaughnessy & Campo’s Professional Malpractice group handles a wide variety of professional malpractice claims brought against legal, medical, pharmaceutical, real estate design and engineering professionals. The extensive trial experience of our Attorneys ensures that each professional’s case is handled discretely, with a focus on swiftly resolving the dispute. We work diligently to recognize the needs of each professional we represent to ensure that each professional’s businesses and rights are firmly protected.

Our Attorneys possess the experience and resources to handle a large spectrum of legal malpractice claims, including issues of general liability, as well as complex and sophisticated business transactions. We also defend various real estate professionals against challenges relating to services provided to consumers and financial lending institutions.

Boyle | Shaughnessy Law Attorneys are knowledgeable in a wide variety of medical fields, including orthopedics, surgery optometry and pharmaceuticals. In addition to physicians, we also have represented numerous other health professionals, including optometrists in several medical device cases and pharmacists in negligence cases.

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