Municipal Law Group

Boyle | Shaughnessy Law’s Municipal Law Group assists public clients throughout New England with their intergovernmental, regulatory and litigation needs. Our Attorneys carefully track current trends in both state and federal law to advise to our clients. Not only do our Attorneys have the expertise required to assist municipalities in their intergovernmental relations, but we also have the litigation skills necessary to zealously represent our town and municipal clients in all stages of legal actions throughout New England.

Our Attorneys advise our clients on issues regarding zoning, land use, public ordinances, right-to-know requests, and environmental issues, as well as a host of other concerns municipalities often encounter regarding state and federal legislation. Using a comprehensive and cost-effective approach, centered on communication and result-oriented strategy, we successfully maneuver our public clients through legal complexities and governmental mandates.

The towns and municipalities that Boyle | Shaughnessy Law represents are not only our clients, but are also the places in which our attorneys live and work. Whether assisting with a basic compliance question or a complex regulatory issue, we take great pride in offering New England towns and municipalities the highest standard of experience and skill available.

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