Rapid Response Trial Team

In the highest exposure cases, there is no room for error.  Only through the benefit of planning and experience can the potential minefield be navigated and a successful result be reached.  At Boyle | Shaughnessy Law, decades of first chair experience in trials has been consolidated and dedicated to the most serious cases.  Boyle | Shaughnessy Law’s Rapid Response Trial Team (RRTT) stands ready to pick up the most serious cases at any phase, in any Northeast jurisdiction.

Often times, the RRTT is called in at first notice of a potential multi-million dollar judgment.  In this age of “nuclear verdicts” and juror anger, a comprehensive investigation at the outset is the first opportunity to appropriately manage risk and develop trial themes.  The RRTT is available within 24 hours notice to assemble not only experienced trial attorneys in every Northeast jurisdiction, but also expert witnesses and litigation support professionals to immediately respond to the most potentially catastrophic circumstances.  By carefully leveraging these superior resources at the outset, the RRTT quickly assesses the risk and eliminates surprises at the time of trial; when they can be most damaging.

The RRTT is also experienced with “take over cases,” often mere weeks before trial.  These cases have typically been poorly handled through the discovery phase either through inexperience or inattention.  Notwithstanding the limitations, the RRTT utilizes its superior experience in every level of trial courts to develop successful themes along with state of the art trial presentation technology to educate and persuade jurors.  Many times the mere introduction of the RRTT in lieu of less experienced counsel has been sufficient to change the dynamics of negotiations with opposing counsel and bring about a successful result.

Whether the case is at its inception or on the eve of trial, or anywhere in between, the RRTT brings to bear the most effective trial resources in the Northeast.  Where others coast on reputation alone, the well-earned reputation of Boyle | Shaughnessy Law’s trial attorneys is proven and reinforced every day.  Contact Boyle | Shaughnessy Law to utilize the RRTT or schedule a case consultation to determine how these resources can best be leveraged for your benefit.

RRTT Contacts by Jurisdiction:

New York:                   Michael D. DeMeola

Maine:                          Michael P. Johnson, Aaron R. White

Vermont:                     Thomas J. Fay

New Hampshire:       Michael P. Johnson, Jonathan P. Killeen

Massachusetts:            Mark W. Shaughnessy, Peter L. Bosse, Scott M. Carroll, Nicholas B. Kosiavelon, Matthew H. Greene, Patrick Dricoll

Connecticut:              Timothy R. Scannell, Kevin R. Kratzer

Rhode Island:             Scott M. Carroll


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