Jury Verdicts and appellate decisions

Tanya M. Austin

Summary Judgment
Appeals Court Decision
Appellate Decision

David M. Bae

Defendant’s Duty in Negligence Case
Client with Traumatic Brain Injury
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Article on Attorney Bae’s Favorable Summary Judgment Ruling Defeating Defendant’s Motion Based on a Subrogation Waiver in Condominium Documents
Favorable Summary Judgment Ruling Defeating Defendant’s Motion Based on a Subrogation Waiver in Condominium Documents
Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Peter L. Bosse

Construction Defect - Summary Judgment
Arbitrator Returns Defense Verdict on Uninsured Motorist Claim
Construction Site Accident – Ladder Fall

John D. Boyle

Appellate Decisions (Boyle)

Scott M. Carroll

Security Guard
Transportation – Catastrophic Bus Accident
Contribution Claim
Hotel Stabbing
Product Liability – Ice Melt
YMCA Playground Accident

Michael DeMeola

Premises Liability

Brian P. Doherty

Construction Defect - Summary Judgment

Thomas J. Fay

Sample Verdicts and Arbitration Decisions
MA Appellate Decisions (Fay)
NH Appellate Decisions (Fay)

Michael P. Johnson

Pedestrian - Defense Verdict
Construction Accident
Summary Judgment - Negligent Entrustment
Automobile Liability
Traumatic Brain Injury Case
Business Interruption Claim
Defamation and Malicious Prosecution

Nicholas B. Kosiavelon

Large Property Loss
Construction Accident / Brain Injury
Professional Malpractice and Fraud Case
SJC Decision Finalizes Dismissal of Brain Injury Case

Quinn E. Kelley

Pedestrian - Defense Verdict
Summary Judgment
Automobile Liability

Kevin R. Kratzer

Legal Malpractice / Wrongful Death
Premises Liability
Premises Liability

Ashley A. Noel

Declaratory Judgment
Insurance Coverage - Business Dispute
Insurance Coverage - General Contractor

Dawn M. Piccirilli

Defense Verdict in Employment Case with Claims of Gender Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, and Retaliation After 2 Weeks of Trial
Product Liability - Hydraulic Steering System
Nuisance - Premises Liability
Product Liability – Flammable Liquid
Appeal Court Affirms Summary Judgment (Funeral Home)
Slip and Fall - Charitable Limitations

Kevin M. Riordan

Trucking - Collision Results in Inferno
Rule 12 (c) Motion
Product Liability – Ice Melt

Nicole R. G. Paquin

Motor Vehicle - Multiple Injuries

Timothy R. Scannell

Premises Liability
Appellate Decision
Wrongful Death
Premises Liability

Mark W. Shaughnessy

Transportation - Rear-End Accident
Transportation - Amputation
Property Damage - Construction Site
Transportation - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Professional Malpratice - Legal
Product Liability
Transportation – Tractor-trailer Rear End Accident
93A Consumer Protection Statute – Closed Raceway Accident
Bad Faith Litigation – Corporate Shareholder Dispute
Child Care Liability
Construction Site – Electrical Shock
Motor Vehicle – At Fault Driver
Negligent Security
Pharmacy Liability – Ambien
Premises Liability – Supermarket
Product Liability – Exercise Bench
Property Damage – Water Damage
Strict Liability – Dog Bite
Transportation – Tractor-trailer Hazard
Trip and Fall

Aaron R. White

Defense Verdict in Employment Case with Claims of Gender Discrimination and Retaliation After Two Weeks of Trial
John T. Callahan & Sons, Inc. v. Worcester Insurance Company, 453 Mass. 447 (2009)
Bad Faith Litigation – Corporate Shareholder Dispute
Global Decision
Duty to Defend